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Jun 07


Please finish this tonight if you want a p or better. I will put the grades in tomorrow morning!

Part 1:

Write something you liked about each group.

i like the waqy they reperesent vildemar,and estergeon.

i like how they organized their plat.

i liked how jon was acting like a realy slave.

i like how sadue was acting like boozo.

Write something you learned from each group..

i learned that being poor is not just beaing weack.

i learned that peopel who is rich are always trying to take over .

i learned that one of the charecters was having broblem with brain.ander.

i learned that being upstander is not good as being byst

Part 2:

Explain the decisions you made. Why did you dress a certain way? hy did the set look a certain way? If it is different from the play, how is what you did connected to the play? How is life in the Bronx like life in “Waiting for Godot”?

is  to nected to life in the bronx because we all her in different rice and culuter,also to how some time peopel get board of coming to skool and try to learn  english but they cant so it looks like that live some how dont mack any since to peopel who car .also  to some kids who always dont clean after them and always liy on teachers or someone to clean after them,and thats kind of existanslism because they are thinking that some one will be ther for them what if noone there for tem what will they do is kinda of connected exictanslism.

Part 3:i decid acting to be the directer,which i led peopel to do the right part of what ever they acting like.i dident have any kind to dress eccept dressing others to show exactaly what is the persone who we acting like to looks like.the et looke different because in her we have better class roome and chair,but they they were struggling with living.

What connections to absurdism and existentialism did you see in today’s performances? What connections to absurdism and existentialism do you see in life in the Bronx?

Good luck.

i see absurdism because if i put my self to their shos i will feel that life has no meaning because if i am poor and peopel around me are treating me the way they want than who am i??

Apr 26

. How do you think you would have behaved if you were a prisoner in this situation? Would you have rejected these privileges in order to maintain prisoner solidarityi was there i would of behave in a very upset way and i will try to do any thing to let my parents know what they are doing to us.yes i will reject the orivelig in order to maintan

2. Most prisoners believed that the subjects selected to be guards were chosen because they were bigger than those who were made prisoners, but actually, there was no difference in the average height of the two groups. What do you think caused this misperception?

3. Do you see any connections

Apr 19

Homework for this weekend (4/15 - 4/18)



  1. Presentations are on Monday! Be ready.
  2. Also, please put 12 quotes from your story on your blog. For each one, explain why you chose it (why is it important?).
    • 1 “Janet is wasted? Waste in the cave? Pg 44…

    • 2 “You sold the rehab TV to buy drugs” Pg 30…“Bradley lied about the tooters and bought some you-know-what” Pg 42…

    • 3 “If Bradley dad woulda stuck around it might’ve been better”

    • 4 ”I always used to say he took one look at Bradley and ran off” Pg45

    • 5 “Take a Sick Day like me” I have three BallBusters and half a bottle of wine” Pg 45…

    • 6 “All day I sit alone in the cave” Pg 45… “We have him in boarding school”

    • 7 “Until they close us down” Pg 41

    8 there is so muchyou dont know about,the remix,about our plants dont even answer me,iam to mad..”

  4. 9 “no doubt my status with nodsom has been some what damaged”

  5. 10 “you own me to an indavertently misuse substans,i will inadvertently misuse substans.”

  6. 11 “i know you wich to have a perfact son,but you dont you have on inadvertent misuser who somtimes macks bad judgment,like borwing and selling a gtv to buy substance.”

  7. 12 “jonet now is doing better and now teling the truth..”say the truth narater”

That’s it. Enjoy Spring!

Apr 19
  • i conect the holecost with the students who was spose to bretanding to be prsonerse.in the holucust the jows was seeing what was going on and was afraid to say it or they just dident care about it, same thing happend to the prisners they first was just acting and the peopel who pretend to be the police think differernt and they yhough that this is was good and they realy was hurting the ansent peopel to be treaded as murrde.and when their parents come they act that every thing is faine.
Mar 19

Homework 3/18/10


  1. What is the name of your story?

 story name is PASTORALIA where the main character is the narrathor fallow by others relative characters, such as Janet her mom and her son Bradley, Marty and his son, the boss Mr.Tightass. Pastoralia is about life been working as cave mean, theif life chace and issues relative with money and with their families. It also involved friendship and hope!

2.What outcome did your group pick for this week?
During this weeking we choose to relate our story with outcome #20… becauase outcome #20 show us literary elements such as Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action, and Crisis mostly this literary elements are the key of Pastoralia since it bigining

  1. In one at least two paragraphs, explain how the outcome is related to your story. the main charater are the narrator and Janet, they both are worker in a theme park were their have to perform as cave man and women, they also live in those cave. However after a few people stop going to their performance, their are day and night inside of the cave without seen no one going to see them or talking about them.

  2.  I will say that this is the start half of Pastoralia were Janet star to strouggle with personal/familiar probles and also the narrator. It also touch a lit be of society and self problems. This brough the build of many events, becomes most intense for the conflict. By this I relative outcome #20 with Pastoralia with the fact that how each scene came to an open event even more to an idea that let to think in what is next. also is kind of rapation because they keep working for nothing and keep beaing board.

Mar 16
Mar 16
Mar 15
love my babe

love my babe

Mar 15

Homework 12/15/09



What is their moral dilemma?

Their moral dilemma was the following: The citizens had to decide on whether to help the Jewish or lose their family members. The first option is to say somthing to stop german_ and the consequence could be that they may get killed . The second choice is dont do anything about it and the consequence could be that the jews family will die  front of you .

What would you have done if you faced this moral dilemma?

Well in this situation, if i was facing this moral dilemma, i would save my life and my family because for me i would say somthing specaily if it was one of my family i will not cause their life to  dananger of diying because of a choise that is etheir to get kill because you trying to prevent bad thing of happenin or to not say any thing about what you see to save your life and family,Honestly i would act like i dont care.

group2: moral delemma: if you have knowledge what to do with it.

option:alert people about the mass murder of the jews, heard from other and be able of not doing nothing “bystanders”.

what to do if they were facing that dilemma:?

what thye did is that they put where did they find the important line and they speak clearly.

what do they need to improve on: they could improve by been more prepare for the presentation.

What is their moral dilemma?

Well in this group, their moral dilemma was that the Jewish had a chose, however, their chose would still hurt them or harm them.

What  would you have done if you faced this moral dilemma?

Well if i was facing this moral dilemma, i would have not do thing because i know that no matter what i do i would still be murder by these German today or tmorrw.

what did they do well?

So far, some of the things they did well was the very fact that even thought there was not a power point, they were kind of confident to present. Also, they were explaining the article sort of explaining was the problem was in the article. Even thought there were no pictures, we kind of understood the information..

What could they improve ?

Some of the the things they should really improve on is to make sure they come prepare to the presentation. To make sure that all the things they are saying (information) are relevant and accurate from the article


moral delemma:sordier kill or not kill people. 

option:to kill jews and dela with the psychological problem.not to kill jews and get kill.

what to do if they were facing that dilemma:sadou will created a under grown rail road, jonathan don’t want to get kill, juancarlo will created passages between the jews houses to escape german persecution.

what they do well:every one talk for each slide show, they connect there presentation to school problem.

what do they need to improve on: talk clearly, and prepare more presentation.


moral delemma:either to kill Hitler or be kill.

option:figth for the injustice or be bystandar.kill Hitler  

what to do if they were facing that dilemma:betty will kill Hitler, luisa won’t do anithing, alan will move out of the country, and angel will fight back. 

what they do well:each person talk for every powerpoint ,they explain well the quote and they connect there presentation with slavery Hitler-god Cain-nazis Abel-jews.

what do they need to improve on: more group member need to talk

Answer these for each group.


Post a flash fiction story in response to the reading you did. Include a moral dilemma in your flash fiction. Make sure your flash fiction has all the parts of a story.

in 1991 there were a war between my country (yemen and aden)in which yemen was was a boor country and its peopel are countroled by the peopel of aden,one day the peopel aof yemen gets tierd of the bad treatment and they decided to fight back and get their independenc from aden even if it was more stronger.so they did and they know that they wrer etheir going to get killed or killed get theire independes or not,at that time yemen was in a chase and also in resssion,however they fight and many peopel were died and some servave and they kept going intell aden realy give up so yemen get its independence even they faced lots.

Write a reflection about your flash fiction that explains the moral dilemma.

my story was about a the moraldelama is that (yemen)and aden) weher yemen (know that if she fight for here independence she would loss lots somehow they have to do this for their next childern genration).

Mar 13

omg is great story..god is great